MEPHICO S.A.L. - Middle East Pharmaceutical & Industrial Company

- the first national pharmaceutical manufacturing company was established in 1956 by a group of prominent pharmacists.

In 1962, it moved from its location in Beirut to its newly built high production capacity plant at Jamhour.

In 1965, in addition to its own line of products, MEPHICO started manufacturing under license, pharmaceutical products for leading pharmaceutical companies.
Presently MEPHICO is firmly established as one of the most considered Lebanese pharmaceutical firms with a reputation of distinction in quality and reliability of its products.
In renovation of its plant, two additional floors that have been added to its building, are actually on the way to be equipped with all new installations and machines required for the highest level of Good Manufacturing Practice. This will certainly lead to enlarge its possibilities in launching new products for the benefit of local pharmaceutical industry.

Needless to mention that our main objective is to ensure the best production of pharmaceuticals to the largest number of patients and to develop new products that will help maintain the health care process at its highest level of excellence.
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